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This is what a coffee consultation looks like with kids.

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Okay, so I definitely just made the Burger King playplace sound about 53 times more chic than it is (they do show Dora on a flat screen, though)….

Sarah and I worked together at Outback like 4 years ago…she and Jake contacted me recently (they’re engaged, duh) and we met up at Burger King with her little girl, Ana and my kiddo, Malachi–and let me tell you, it is wacky how much those two are alike! They had never met before, but got along instantly (of course, the mama’s get along pretty well, too ;D)

They were just too presh together, and I couldn’t help but snapping photos left and right (hey–it’s what I do!)

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Watching Dora
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So, as I sat talking with Sarah (Jake had to leave a little earlier), she had this I’m-so-pretty-and-I-don’t-even-try thing going on, and the light was just perfect, and I HAD to snap a few shots of her–she only cooperated for one then burst into giggles, which worked out well, because I captured some beautiful laughing shots of her! These are my fave two:

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When we were leaving, Ana asked when she and Malachi were going to “hang out” again, and wouldn’t take a generalization as an answer, so we’re gonna be headed to BK again next Thursday.
We left for the parking lot and Malachi and Ana just leaned up against my car sippin their sodas like 16-year-olds chillin in the parking lot–TOO CUTE!

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  1. Jun 08-2010, 8:37 AM

    […] and I was so excited. “Let’s meet a Burger King and let the kids play!” Well, we did just that, and it became a repetitive playdate for […]